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Thai Miso Soup- Serves 8

2 carrots sliced
2 slices fresh ginger
65g creamed coconut
25mm piece of fresh chilli chopped
1 bunch spring onion chopped small
4 runner beans chopped or other bean
100-150g broccoli chopped small
2 sticks lemon grass cut 50mm lengths
1 pot 213g mellow brown miso

Saute onion a little, add carrot then everthing else except miso. Add water and cook until soft. Add miso. Vary with Sweet Brown, Mellow Barley, Field Bean, Ginger Miso or ½ pot Amakuchi


Broad Bean Miso- Serves 4
1lb tender broad beans with pods or if tough pods, beans only
1 onion cut half moons
2 to 5 Tbs sweet brown miso

Snap beans into 1inch lengths (de string as necessary)
Put beans & onion into a pan and add water to cover 25-50mm. Bring to a boil, simmer until soft. Remove from heat,
add miso until tasty.


Barbecued-Grilled Miso

Spread miso on tofu, tempeh, veg pieces or anything that takes your fancy then grill or barbecue on skewers
until slightly toasted. Add various seasonings to miso e.g. fresh ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, nut & seed spreads,
grated lemon or orange rind or a few squeezes of the juice. Add more liquid and use as a marinade 1hr before cooking.


Tangy Tofu Miso Soup - Serves 4

250g cubed tofu
10 spring onions chopped fine
1 carrot chopped full moons
2 tomatoes quartered
90g creamed coconut
Half lemon or lime
2 Tb chopped fresh coriander
2Tb Mellow brown miso or any other Source Food misos to taste

Saute onion then add all ingredients except coriander and miso. Cover with 75mm water. Simmer 20 mins.
Turn off heat. Add coriander and miso. Stand 5 mins. Best made day before.


Chilli Rice Melange - Serves 8

500g rice
250g swede sliced large
250g carrot chopped any shape
50g piece of coconut cream
2Tb chilli miso or 2Tb mellow miso and ¼ tsp chilli powder
5 spring onions cut 1cm lengths

Cook rice in large pan on low simmer for half hour. Add 5 ingredients to rice with water to cover. Simmer until soft.

Serve with: cubed tofu sprinkled with oil (edible linseed or toasted sesame) and mixed fruit juice,
Steamed broccoli and fresh leaf salad or grated carrot, cabbage and apple.