They have been paid off to trash

I need a Barrister to pick up the pieces and take action

We are one

blaenau gwent county council wales uk
have destroyed many tons of miso on the assumption they can not verify it to their understanding of miso. Zero.
They made up a story of hygiene.
When they came on visits they made mokery of my barrier rules and thought it was funny to bring dog shit into my operation. First off and that was not the end as they had already made the deceision to trash the operation. I know because they never honoured the inicial two analyisis in hard copy for 3 Months

So they had the paronoid rights to destroy it
30 years of production had no complaints or troubles as far as customers are concerned.
That means all imported miso should be destroyed too, if they got it right.

who paid for this

So they took away all the stock and had a recall of all stock fom the wholesalers and shops.

And the bill for this is not their problem

How to trash finances in easy steps

Don't forget what comes in out of country is not vetted at all.
They are being paid off